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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

(submitted by FroJo)

10. Swap houses with a "person of interest" whose swanky residence is under police surveillance. (Arcola Mike)
9. Skip the gift shop at the worlds largest ball of twine. Just get some string from a near by walmart. (Wools)
8. "Hey kids! The latest trend in family vacations is called 'Experiencing History.' This year we're doing the Dust Bowl migration: picking fruit, sleeping in the car, soup kitchens..." (lefty)
7. Be careful not to get ripped off when exchanging Monopoly money for local currency. (Toasterpig)
6. Stay at a bed and breakfast mobile home. (Arcola Mike)
5. Scan the local paper for funerals and weddings so your family can eat for free. "We are cousins from Ohio." (RAM)
4. No baggage fees when you stowaway in the wheel-well of a jetliner (CrAzY CoFFee, danb1974)
3. Share a tent with one of the remaining members of the Occupy Movement. (Arcola Mike)
2. Cheat on your taxes so extradition by the government will pay for your return trip. (Chuck1863)
1. Don't travel anywhere. Also, for a little extra cash, keep going in to work every day. (Krig the Viking)

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