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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Aardvark Pick-Up Lines

(submitted by Yooda Mann)

10. I got a nose for trouble and it's led me to you. (Arcola Mike )
9. "They call me the Haardvark, baby!" (Mute)
8. Oh, baby, even the coarse hairs on your back are fine. (Arcola Mike )
7. So, working aard or aardlyvarking? (quistis)
6. I've foraged for love all over sub-Saharan Africa and all the time you were right here under my nose. (Arcola Mike )
5. We could not have already met because I never forget a pretty snout. (Arcola Mike )
4. I'm first in the dictionary, but I'd rather be first in your heart. (jumpin jack)
3. I've been on PBS for years. (Kanthony Von Schiffendecker)
2. Do you eat fire ants because you are so hot? (johnnycp)
1. Hey, I am the inspiration for Jar Jar. (Warchild)

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