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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Dinosaur Tweets When the Asteroid Appeared in the Sky

(submitted by Chuck1863)

10. #omgcrap............... (DinoDinosaurXrated)
9. Must gallop or be caught between a rock and a hard place. (Arcola Mike )
8. Wow, look at that! Going to get better look. BRB. (lefty)
7. Who had 65,000,000 BC in the office pool? (Chuck1863)
6. Yo Rex #Tyrobaby Party at my Nest # DactylCrib BTW see the ball of fire in sky #YOLO (Strat)
5. I'm not crying wolf. The sky IS falling. (Arcola Mike )
4. Hanging out with the guys #watchingtheasteroid #fallfromthesky. (Crandon)
3. @mammals Looks like we're done here, it's all yours try not to mess it up. (BABaker)
2. Awwww, my arms r 2 short 2 get selfie w/ this thing!! #shortarms #sadtrex #wtfisdisthingindasky? (Mute)
1. @Vogons On second thought, we'll take the poetry #asteroidorpoetry (BABAker)

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