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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Important Safety Tips for Stalkers

(submitted by TechNut)

10. Always obtain parental consent before stalking minors. (WAM)
9. Never walk a telephone wire without a net below. (Arcola Mike )
8. Keep a good lawyer on retainer. (Buffalo Gal)
7. Asking strangers for directions and information can be dangerous; seek out the police. (Arcola Mike )
6. Be prepared for the police. Carry a thermos of fresh coffee and a dozen donuts. (Arcola Mike )
5. Wear loose fitting pants so your ankle monitor doesn't get caught on fence spikes. (Arcola Mike )
4. Never, ever wear your light-up shoes. (AlHubb)
3. Wait an hour after you have eaten before hiding in their bath tub. (Arcola Mike )
2. Stay hydrated! Asking for a glass of water can also help break the ice. (Arcola Mike )
1. Do not stalk anyone who can outrun you and is likely to beat the crap out of you. (Maniac Bob)

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