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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Habits You Need to Break

(submitted by The Outraged DuK)

10. Always being number one on this list (Pertinax)
9. Licking door knobs (Warchild)
8. Repeatedly saying LOL after every joke regardless of how funny it is (Strat)
7. Beating the fire department to a fire and trying to roast smores (The Frunkus Kid)
6. Turning left on red (jumpin jack)
5. Hanging out with people who are as crazy as you are (Maniac Bob)
4. Referring to memes as "me-me-s" (Arcola Mike)
3. Using CSITTL for life advice (Krig the Viking)
2. Asking the McDonald's drive-thru order taker "What's good here?" (Arcola Mike)
1. Wasting your Internet time doing a thankless job (sbrogdon)

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