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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're in a Bad Tribute Band

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. Real bands that you don't even cover send you cease and desist orders. (BABaker)
9. It's a "Men Without Hats" tribute band, but everyone leaves after the 5th time through "The Safety Dance." (Wools)
8. When they stormed the stage you realized that audiences believe there can be only one Weird Al. (MLehde)
7. The drummer thinks you're a White Zombie tribute band; the singer, White Lion; the bass player, Whitesnake; and the guitar player, The White Stripes. (Wools)
6. You are a tribute band for a fake Disney channel TV show. (strat)
5. Your only solo is with a kazoo during Copacabana. (rorschak)
4. You're all bald, and you're supposed to be doing an 80s hair band. (Tristan)
3. The cross mix of Kenny G, Twisted Sister, and Celine Dion didn't bring the excitement you hoped for. (Durango Canyon Man)
2. The idea of your band is to sing songs just like your mom did: off key and with half the words missing. (Maniac Bob)
1. The band is a tribute band to itself, as all the original members are long gone. (Stephen H)

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