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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Have a New Born At Home

(submitted by Sleepless In Oregon)

10. Bags under your eyes the size of luggage and the smell of Destin rolls off you like waves on the ocean (MLehde)
9. There's vomit, poop, and crying, and the lights are on all night, but no alcohol bottles in the trash. (Stephen H)
8. Even though it's still a while off the words "college tuition" make you break out in a cold sweat. (MLehde)
7. It is the first time since college that you know what is on TV at 3am. (Ka)
6. Empty boxes of Huggies, baby powder and earplugs set out on recycling day (rorschak)
5. You can't find your favorite sweat pants that you wore last week, then realize you're wearing them still. (BABaker)
4. An hour of sleep is more appealing than an hour of sex. (whyBother)
3. "This entry is only contact I have had with adults this week." (johnnycp)
2. You no longer have any friends on Facebook because they got sick of the unending stream of baby photos you've been posting. (Mute)
1. Not only did you accidentally come to work on a Saturday, but you stayed for 4 hours after realizing it. (BABaker)

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