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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons We Still Haven't Had a Reboot of Wonder Woman

(submitted by Madam Annie Whittington)

10. There's nothing wrong with the boots she's wearing. (BABaker)
9. Her invisible airplane has been impounded by Homeland Security. (Squeezette)
8. None of the actresses will stop texting long enough to shoot a scene. (AlHubb)
7. Have you seen the waiting list to become a trending topic on Twitter? (Squeezette)
6. DC comics lost the movie and TV rights in a high-stakes game of Go Fish. (Mute)
5. No actresses want to wear a costume that covers so much of their body. (AlHubb)
4. Once you saw Linda Carter in her prime wearing that outfit you knew the pinnacle had been reached. (MLehde)
3. Most men are not keen on a gorgeous woman who can compel them to tell the truth. (BABaker)
2. Writers still studying for the Bechdel test. (Mute)
1. Effects guys stumped on how to do the CGI for an invisible plane. (Toasterpig)

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