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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Other Apple Announcements

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. New device that just makes and receives phone calls. (BABaker)
9. A new digital time-tracking device that can be worn on the wrist. (whyBother)
8. Apple fanboys are only allowed to wear one Apple watch at a time regardless of number of their avatar's limbs. (Strat)
7. They have decided to give up on computer devices, and begin selling actual apples. (anglesius)
6. The I-Phone 4 manual is now complete. (Norm Shelton)
5. New faux version of the popular smartphone for the image- and value-conscious consumer, to be called the iPhone-e. (whyBother)
4. A wearable shoe computer: the iPed. (Wools)
3. Next year they're not going to update any of their technology, just redesign all the boxes. It seems unlikely that would impact sales, so why bother? (anglesius)
2. They have given up their plans for world domination, and instead have created "iWorld", which has a much better user experience! (Squeezette)
1. The iPatch: Pirate-themed heads-up display to compete with Google Glass. (BullFrog)

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