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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons the Grim Reaper is so Grim

(submitted by Bentley Bones)

10. Friends on Facebook: 0. Followers on Twitter: 0. (Squeezette)
9. That nasty ratty robe is drafty in cool weather. (AlHubb)
8. He realizes his career has been in a death spiral for years. (Arcola Mike )
7. Spirit Airline has cancelled all his frequent flier miles. (Strat)
6. Got demoted after that little "Bill and Ted" thing back in the early 90s. Totally bogus. (al)
5. He really wanted to be the Brim reaper and dress in a 70s Pimp outfit. (Strat)
4. Everything in his world is old, rotten and falling apart, including the toilet paper. (AlHubb)
3. Even way after Eli Whitney died, he's still using that ole fashioned sythe. (Strat)
2. Siri has been copping a real attitude when he asks directions to his victim's location. (Arcola Mike )
1. Sexy vampires, sexy werewolves; there was even a sexy zombie movie! When's the sexy reaper's turn?! (Mute)

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