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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Places to Look for the Missing Remote

(submitted by Buffalo Gal)

10. In your toddler's diaper genie (Buffalo Gal)
9. Goodwill: As in, you gave the old TV to goodwill with the new TV's remote. (Tristan)
8. In Crazy Larry's room, where he's using it to control his Flux Capacitor (AlHubb)
7. On an x-ray of the dog's stomach (JAM)
6. What do you mean "It just landed on a comet!?" (Squeezette)
5. Since the least logical place would be the toaster, start there and work your way backwards. (lefty)
4. In the dishwasher after the argument you had with your wife at to whose turn it was to do dishes (Buffalo Gal)
3. Sometimes my remote likes to hang out in "Odd sock alley." (BABaker)
2. Just a hunch, but try that hole in the middle of the TV screen. (AlHubb)
1. I usually seem to find it at Radioshack, but they always charge a fee for giving it back. (Mute)

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