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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Stay in Bed on Black Friday

(submitted by RiverCityKid)

10. Still in coma from raiding the kids Halloween candy. (JAM)
9. Chances of getting trampled: At Walmart:HIGH In bed: MEDIUM to LOW. (whyBother)
8. Why make Black Friday any different from your usual Friday routine? (JAM)
7. You can't find the perfect gift without the added pressure of Christmas Eve shopping. (BABaker)
6. You bet on the Thanksgiving football games and your bookie is waiting outside. (Chuck1863)
5. Why shop on your own time when you can cyber shop Monday from work? (JAM)
4. Tryptophan overdose (jumpin jack, Tristan, Micklin T. Rahe, Usually Awake By 8:30 AM)
3. By going to bed in the first place, you've missed all the good sales already. (BABaker)
2. Mall Zombies (rorschak)
1. 100% off on everything you don't buy! (lefty)

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