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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Philae and Rosetta Found on Comet 67P

10. Amelia Earhart (El Barton)
9. Trash left behind by Bruce Willis and crew after filming "Armageddon" (Magus Noan)
8. Ice... and, conveniently, ice cube trays (Ilsoap)
7. The source of indigestible fruit cakes (whyBother)
6. That Comet 67P is actually a chunk of Aldeeran after it got blown away by the Death Star (Tristan)
5. The portal that sucks sock from Earth's washing machines (whyBother)
4. A Starbucks, with a memo on the door advertising the new Starbucks opening on the other side of the comet (Ilsoap, Madam Annie Whittington's Twin Sister Lizzy)
3. A really nice secluded nook, where Philae can take a nap and wait for summer to come (Sounds good to me!)
2. A 75% off coupon code for Bed, Bath, and Beyond the asteroid belt (BABaker)
1. A note saying "Gone to 67Q, back on tuesday" (Thomas Palsson)

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