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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Holiday Season Regrets

(submitted by BABaker)

10. Telling your aunt, "I don't need a return receipt. I always love what you get for me." (Chuck1863)
9. The facebook post of your boss tossing his cookies at the office party (whyBother)
8. You signed your last #1 entry as "Santa" and still got coal in your stocking. (Mute)
7. You are still going back and forth between "ate too much chocolate" and "didn't eat enough chocolate." (Mute)
6. That whole "Aunt Kathy/Mistletoe" incident (BABaker)
5. You didn't ask out that cute snowman before he melted. (Outsyder)
4. That ninth whiskey at the party. The first eight, and numbers ten to fourteen were alright though! (Squeezette)
3. Not only did the fireworks at midnight catch your neighbor's roof on fire, they also proved to be effective anti-aircraft fire against Santa's sleigh. At least that's what you told the kids. Again. (AlHubb)
2. Too much company, not enough booze (AlHubb)
1. You were only four days away from going the year without having "Let It Go" stuck in your head! (Involuntarily Mind Controlled Aaryn)

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