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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Christian & Scott are Stopping After Twenty Years

10. They need to work on solo top ten lists. (Outsyder)
9. Sure, at first the groupies were plentiful and attractive. But after 20 years no younger groupies were stepping up to replace them. (Outsyder)
8. The gypsy curse that compelled them to compile top ten lists has finally worn off. (Krig the Viking)
7. After a 20 year battle, they've finally succeeded in getting Letterman to quit. There wasn't really a plan after that. (Ilsoap)
6. They now have enough material for "Interactive Top Ten List- The Movie." (Stephen H, Warchild)
5. They've collected the best our culture has to offer and will return it to their home planet. (Chuck1863)
4. Witness protection is over. (El Barton)
3. The last round of VC funding has been spent, and after 20 years it's starting to look unlikely that the site is going to turn a profit. (finlero)
2. Their dad finally changed the password on his PC. (Squeezette)
1. Neither one has ever submitted a top ten winner. (Norm Shelton)

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