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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Take Advantage of the New Freeway Speed Limits

10. Test out the '88 miles an hour' time warp from Back to the Future (Guildmaster Arrataz)
9. When you hit 65, scream out "Warp speed, Mr. Sulu!!!" (Dave R.)
8. There might actually be a way to destroy that left over driving over it at 80mph (Speed Demon [Bree])
7. Rack up frequent flier miles in your car pool (Ben Humphries)
6. Go the old limit and wait for a cop to pass you, then pull him over and ask for a refund on your last ticket (Shane)
5. Steal old signs, and give them to your buddies when they turn 55 (Spunky)
4. Open A Dominoes Pizza and promise delivery before you can hang up the phone (Bigdawg)
3. Cover more distance during application of mascara (Donna Martinson)
2. Get to the court house quicker to fight your last speeding ticket (Wisconsin)
1. Tie a block of cement to your accelerator (Crazy Carl, Steve)

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