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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Smell

(submitted by Clabaut Didier)

10. Everyone wants to play zone when you play basketball. (Charlemange)
9. Chronic loss of nose hair. ("Master O Sir")
8. The EPA brings charges against you for releasing hazardous fumes and endangering the public. (ShArOn)
7. People hold their breath while on the phone to you. (Kalman)
6. The Iraqi government would like to add you to its arsenal of biological warfare weapons. (Wisconsin)
5. You set off smoke detectors when you walk by. (Bob Trieger, Briguy, Doug Moynagh,
4. Pepe Le Peau runs away from you. (Steve Weiss, Cahill)
3. Your spouse hides things from you under the soap. (Cahill)
2. Others near you are always checking the bottom of their shoes. (Doug Moynagh)
1. When you walk onto an airplane, the oxygen masks immediately fall. (Steve Weiss)

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