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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Bob Dole's Top Ten Choices for a Running Mate

10. Mike Tyson [for a stong right-hand man] (Bob Clemmons)
9. Peg Leg the Pirate [They gave an arm and a leg for us] (Wisconsin)
8. Manuel Noriega [for the Dole-Pineapple face ticket] (Cahill)
7. Strom Thurman [200 years of experience] (Wisconsin)
6. Howdy Doody [his expressions are more mobile] (LSDiamond)
5. Riki Lake [So she can dredge up the dirt on every other candidate] (Chazz)
4. Richard Simmons [Run under slogan Dole-Fruit '96] (
3. The robot from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" [to add personality to the platform] (Josh Bardwell)
2. Claudia Schiffer [Dole confuses his need for a running mate with... other needs] (Chazz)
1. Willard Scott [in preparation for his 100th birthday] (Bob Clemmons)

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