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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Spring Training Has Started

10. George Steinbrenner has already fired two managers. (Bob Clemmons, Casey Stengel)
9. Tommy Lasorda back schlepping Slim Fast(tm). (Bob Clemmons, Richard Simmons, stanley)
8. Tailgators already practicing getting drunk in parking lot . (SalsaShark)
7. Announcers are again sucking up to Ted Turner. (Stanley K.)
6. Strike negotiators begin to advertise on television. (Aaron Voisine)
5. Mets players roadtrip to states where fireworks are legal. (Kel)
4. The average age of Floridian's drops below 70. (Flash)
3. Daryl Strawberry is back at the Betty Ford Clinic. (ts)
2. Skoal Stock takes a leap on the NYSE. (Maurice, Master O Sir, Capitol Hill)
1. The Cubs have been mathematically eliminated from the pennant race. (Charlie Troxel, kyl,

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