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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Uses for Post-Easter Easter Candy

10. Marshmallow treats instead of expensive styrofoam packing filler (
9. Hang posters in room (Sarah)
8. Stick jellybeans in your nose to stop the bleeding (Dana & Steve)
7. Sidewalk repair (Tim)
6. Use it for soap incase you run out (Erika nelson)
5. Peep's are excellent for sticking notes to the fridge (Paul Rumfelt)
4. Old jelly beans make for a colorful rock garden (
3. Use those left-over marshmallow chicks as temporary fillings (american dental association, wisconsin)
2. Caulk the tub with melted Peeps (Martha Svenyerd, Michael, Komic)
1. Extras in a claymation reenactment of "Pocahontas" (td)

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