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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Play Golf

10. Always wanted to have someone whispering about your next move. (Master O Sir)
9. You've lost your driver's licence and it's your only opportunity to drive a motor vehicle. (Snacks,
8. Excellent cure for insomnia (Michael, Megan)
7. Good source of frustration after the kids leave home (beuret)
6. Surrounded by other people who make your geeky clothes look good (Robert A. Clemmons,
5. Its too nice out to bowl. (arnie)
4. Only sport where you can score a birdie, hit a birdie and flip a birdie all in one game. (Weasel)
3. Farfedneugen (Oops, that's why you should drive a VW Golf). (GuildMaster Arrataz)
2. You told the IRS you were a golf pro, and that's why you deducted the trip to Florida. (
1. It's one way to reach your Congressman/Senator. (Mercutio)

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