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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Landlord is Crazy

(submitted by Rob Zerwekh)

10. He thinks he can levy taxes and raise armies like all the other titled lords he's read about. (td)
9. Your check must be made payable to The Imperial Emperor Zorgon of Beetlegeusse. (Bob Clemmons)
8. He uses his shark hand puppet to collect the rent checks. (Rob)
7. The apartment has a "Bat-Pole" [you've been afraid to see where it goes]. (
6. The lease continually mentions the phrase "accidental beheadings" (Fluff, Steve Weiss)
5. Lease prohibits pets but allows extra-terrestrials (F. Mulder)
4. He complains about all the loud thinking going on in the building. (td)
3. He wants his rent payed on a daily basis because he thinks the end of the world is coming. (td)
2. When he replaces the wallpaper in your bedroom, it's with 6 inch padded rubber. (Bob Clemmons)
1. Your lease is written in crayon - in triplicate. (

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