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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Genes Discovered Through the Human Genome Project

10. The one that makes guys leave the seat up (The Grinch)
9. The gene that causes Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome (The Manatee)
8. The "leave your blinker on in traffic gene" (becomes dominant after 65 years or so) (Wolfman,
7. The "Morning Person" gene (Mercutio)
6. The Ethics gene (Absent in lawyers and some reptiles) (
5. The gene that causes people to "top-off" their gas tank until it overflows (Dave R.)
4. The armchair coach gene (Sarah)
3. The gene that controls belly button lint growth (Brother K)
2. The Infertility Gene: if your parents haven't had children, you won't either. (Sir Roland)
1. We expect the gene for procrastination to be discovered any day now... (Shunra)

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