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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Names for Madonna's New Baby

10. Mamamia (Frank)
9. MoMoney [boy] and MoBoys [girl] (Jeremi Scoggins)
8. the Vogueling (The Manatee)
7. BabeDonna (srp)
6. Virgin-ia (Mika 'Exploderi' Yrj l ,, Bob Clemmons, Leigh B)
5. The Child Formerly Known as Madonna's Ovum (Nightfall, Seeker)
4. I-can't-believe-my-mother-is-Madonna (Steve Weiss)
3. Frank Charles Paco Sean Eric Adam Albert Dennis [named after the probable father] (Kent, Brother K, mike flood)
2. Primadonna (Robert the Ranger, The gang from the North Pole)
1. Immaterial Girl (Robert Clemmons)

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