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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons the McArch Deluxe is an Adult Sandwich

10. It's a little fatter than the Big Mac, and has much less hair (Kent)
9. Special sauce contains bourbon (Alien,, David Glassman, Scottrick McAllen,, Cap Collector)
8. The seasonings work better than Metamucil (Impulse Shopper)
7. It comes in a see-through box (Bob Trieger)
6. McArch Happy Meal comes with Pamela Anderson and Brad Pitt Action Figures (Kent)
5. The buns are bare [no sesame seeds] (Bob Trieger)
4. It has more fat than most children (Steve Weiss)
3. The McArch Deluxe value meal with a 64 ounce mug of beer (
2. Beef in it is old enough to vote (Toasterpig, Cap Collector)
1. Scantily clad pictures of Ronald McDonald on the wrapper (jkinney,

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