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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways Christian and Scott Pick the Top Ten

10. They let their mothers do it for them. (Nathan in Denver)
9. "Hi, my name is Bree, and I'm distantly related to Scott's mother's, sister's son's fiance's..." (Bree!)
8. The stupid entries go on their list, the good ones get sold to Letterman. (Bob Trieger)
7. "Reply hazy ... try again later" (
6. Unmarked $20 bills (LeeRM)
5. Hang entries on a wall and throw Jello at them. Whatever sticks gets picked. (Dave R.)
4. Hot potato (Michelle)
3. 4 words: eenie, meenie, minie & moe (Paul, Bob Trieger,, Wingnut, This little pig ran all the way home!, Ari Rosner, Velma)
2. Team of underpaid grad students locked in the basement
1. Ouji Board (Paul, Brain, DJ TWIST)

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