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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Martians Really Do Exist

10. Graffitti painted on the Viking Landers (td, Warlord)
9. Newly discovered crop circles inviting O.J. to Mars for an exclusive interview. (Fluff)
8. Mama Martians are protesting the negative steroetypes of Martians in toys and cartoons. (td)
7. The surprising longetivity of Republican Congressmen. (G. Peefalt)
6. Only super-intelligent life could come up with some of those calculus tests I had (Rob)
5. Eyewitness Testimony by Jan of the Brady Bunch - "Martian, Martian, Martian" (Chazz)
4. That nasty little hole in the ozone. How else would they get in? (Bridged in Ark City)
3. Some strange entity teaches every child to say "Nya, Nya, N'Nya Ya." (Bob Clemmons)
2. Three words: Duck Billed Platapus (Jim Merullo)
1. Disapearing socks from dryer. (martha and sarah, jayhall)

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