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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Denis Rodman's Top Ten Favorite Books

10. Rodman Crusoe (THECATDOG)
9. The Color Purple (next week it will be The Color Green) (WWWF, wisegirl, C. Davis, jaymax,, Jake , Burglar)
8. The boy who cried "Bull!" (Clara C.)
7. The Red Hair of Courage (THECATDOG)
6. Miss Manners Guide to Sports Etiquette (Evanl)
5. Goodnight Moon (Bob Clemmons)
4. one tattoo, two tattoo, red head, blue head (stanley, Randy Unger, dr suess)
3. So you want to look like a Chia Pet (Alien)
2. Crayola's Big Book of Colors (Zildjian)
1. he can read? (jbiddle, ED)

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