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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Tell You Are In Love

(submitted by CompWiz)

10. Ralph, the local aardvark appears to you in a dream and tells you so. (
9. You listen to cheezy love songs, and actually UNDERSTAND them. (Rock-Doc)
8. You find yourself saying, "Tell Mr. Gates he'll have to wait." (Microhard)
7. When she curses you out, but it sounds endearing (Coolguy RM)
6. You stop enjoying beer commercials and can't wait for greeting card commercials (Barry Bridges)
5. spending two weeks' salary on roses every week doesn't seem illogical (lolita)
4. I walked INTO that building? Heh heh...never noticed! (Brother K)
3. No more embarrassing "loneliness" seizures (THECATDOG)
2. The trail of wrecked cars when you crossed the street. (AndreyZ)
1. When you let her hold the remote for the TV. (Coolguy RM, dock3)

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