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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs It's Time to Get a New Computer

(submitted by Akira Sakorn)

10. Still using the FLOPPY floppy disks (cindy s)
9. Can't get replacement vacuum tubes (Cancerboy, dilligaf, Goon)
8. Th damnd kyboard bgins to brak (Clapp)
7. You have to have the stained glass version of "Windows" (Robert Clemmons)
6. Serial port not fast enough for your new external 300 baud modem (Troy DeMonbreun)
5. Your favorite punch-card outlet just went out of business (, Steve Weiss, MAR)
4. A guy offered you 25 cents for your old one at a yard sale (THE PILSBERY DOHH! BOY)
3. That burning you smell when you reboot (SM)
2. You don't have enough memory to install pong (, engraver)
1. Your friend's calculator can play more cool games than your computer (Sarah)

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