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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons We're Glad the Olympics are Over

10. You can start drinking Pepsi again. (Big Dee)
9. Must stop obsessing about "sticking the landing" getting out of bed. (Scott Chupack)
8. Two weeks' worth of sweat smell beginning to foul Atlanta's air (JEB)
7. Your boyfriend will stop looking at the gymnasts and asking, "Can you bend that way?" (Robbie Marie Baker)
6. Now NBC can devote evenings to its usual high-quality programming (JEB)
5. John Tesh can now continue bringing joy to millions through his enchanting music. (PJF, Martha Svenyerd, Steve Weiss)
4. Americans approaching lethal dosage levels of Bob Costas (G. Kinnear, JEB, dino nguyen)
3. Number of official Olympic products: 258 -- Number you actually like: 2 (
2. Riveting athletic tension of archery competition bad for heart. (Wayne)
1. We get to keep the Cuban team as a souvenier (JEB)

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