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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Classes Colleges Should Offer, But Don't

(submitted by Lorraine/Joseph Palumbo)

10. Clothing sculpture: Laundry as art (Neri)
9. 18th century limericks (The Manatee)
8. The Complete works of Monty Python (Der Dieb)
7. Macarena 101--The Macarena Through History (Juan)
6. Electronic Engineering 103: VCR Programming (G. Peefalt)
5. Management Babble 101 (foreign language requirement) (Aaron Voisine)
4. Philosophy 265--The Great Questions: Who's Smarter, Beavis or Butthead? (Juan)
3. Applied Statistics 101 : Craps, Poker, and Blackjack (Alex Shangraw)
2. Doom to Quake: A history of evolution in computer games. (Steve Weiss)
1. Introduction to Engineering Pain (Carren)

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