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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs It's Time to Move to a New Neighbourhood

(submitted by Didier Clabaut)

10. The guy next door is building an ark. (
9. You're so close to the flight path you can use the reading lamps. (
8. Your significant other has to "cover" you when you leave the house (Michelle)
7. Cockroaches are leaving your home by the thousands (Warlord)
6. Kids' lemonade stands begin to carry crack (Bert)
5. Not many people are hanging around the saloon anymore... (THECATDOG-Chazz)
4. Your neighbor's grass is only green because of anti-freeze spills (Bob Clemmons)
3. Everyday the SWAT team meets at your house after the sting for some punch and cookies (William Smith)
2. They need to ship the refrigerator that was in that box (David Hughes)
1. You weren't elected to a second term. (David Hughes)

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