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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways France Isn't So Bad

(submitted by THECATDOG-Chazz)

10. They've locked up the world's supply of Jerry Lewis films, hindering their showing on TV in the US. (Martin Chorich, The Waffle King)
9. Home of the world's biggest lightning rod (Dego)
8. Great source for poodle names... (Fifi, Gigi, DeGaul...) (Bob Clemmons)
7. Without it, we'd never be able to describe where Monaco is. (Kent)
6. Special Velcro attachments keep Spain from sliding into the Atlantic. (John Ward)
5. Every once in a while the student rioters do go home. (Kevin Olesen)
4. They piss off the English. (chad, joshmu)
3. Over there, "pain" just means "bread." (Gary)
2. Without it several Channel swimmers probably would have tired and drowned. (Thomas Palsson)
1. They boldly stand up to the evil coorporate bullies of the personal hygiene business by just saying NO. (Jubal E. Harshaw)

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