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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Need Glasses

(submitted by Terri Weispfenning)

10. Replacing your corrective computer monitor lens is getting too expensive (Warlord)
9. You think this week's 'Top Ten' topic is: Toe Tin Sighs Yon Meed Clams (Alex Shangraw)
8. After 38 years of marriage you discover your wife is a gorilla (Ev)
7. Your default system font now set to Times New Roman 72-point. (Alan Smithee)
6. "You mean I hit the Sear's Tower! I didn't see it coming." (Sarah H.)
5. You date a guy for six months before somebody has to tell you that it's Gilbert Gottfried. (Jenn Matarese)
4. You read the morning paper and wait for the 3D image to appear. (John Delirium)
3. You complain about the poor quality of products at Sears to the lingerie mannequin (Fonz)
2. Your closet is filled with golf pants (slp)
1. You can't seem to stop stepping on your children. (

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