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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Fun Things To Do In a Traffic Jam

(submitted by Kirsten Blackstock)

10. Set up the wood lathe and make a set of salad bowls. (Alex Brown)
9. Open all your doors to catch the motorcycles that try to drive between the cars (Warlord)
8. Try driving from the back seat (Bob Clemmons)
7. Reset your spouse's radio stations in backwards order (Bob Clemmons)
6. Remember that a half hour ago you drank two cups of coffee and ate a bran muffin. (Tom Buccine (
5. See just how much of the inside of your car is removable (Bob Clemmons)
4. Call out for Pizza. (Preston Wiley, Sam land,
3. Chinese fire drill around the 18-wheeler (rob)
2. Sell hot pretzels out of your trunk. (Tom Buccine (
1. Play "Twister" (Tom Buccine)

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