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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Leaked CIA Secrets

10. Location of the Top Secret U.S. Stealth Blimp attack force. (kyl)
9. Chelsea Clinton used to eat paste in the fourth grade. (Jim Merullo)
8. Ronald Reagan was actually killed by Hinkley; for the rest of Reagan's term, the president was portrayed by an actor. (Stormcrow)
7. Clinton codename: Pork Chop (ST8uned)
6. Elvis lives at Michael Jackson's house. (Ryan P.)
5. Saddam Hussein's regime secretly funds the hit show Baywatch. (Fluff)
4. Nixon wore briefs. (ST8uned)
3. Manuel Noriega is nutty about Scrabble. (Bert)
2. Canada is the world's greatest military power. (Ehhhh!)
1. Agency once traded nuclear fuel to Iraq in exchange for extremely rare Babe Ruth baseball card. (ST8uned)

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