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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things to do While in an Elevator

(submitted by Lisa LeBlanc)

10. Put on a ski mask, tap the shoulder of the guy in front of you, and ask, "Hey, do you know how to unjam a pistol?" (Michel Cox)
9. At every stop, see how far you can run down the hall and still make it back before the doors close. (The Manatee)
8. Pass the hat for donations. (Brother K)
7. Look into your coat pocket and ask, "Got enough air in there?" (Amanda)
6. Holler "chutes away!" whenever the elevator descendes (NcNice)
5. Use emergency phone to have rescue team deliver pizza (rob, Tom Buccine (, Couch Potatoe Farmer, vasitor, The Manatee)
4. Interview fellow passengers for the security camera. (The Manatee)
3. Ask for directions to another floor (SMB)
2. Describe other passengers one by one into microcassette recorder (Charlie & Donna (
1. Claim to be a CEO of Otis, and give out suckers for elevator appreciation week. (Frazericus)

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