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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Nike Slogans

10. Hey, go ahead get fat, you got cool shoes now (M&M)
9. Tied, for your protection (Robert Clemmons)
8. Nike: More Ubiquitous Than God. (ST8uned)
7. Bo knows overpriced. (Snoop Rob)
5. Our shoes run like your nose! (Robert Clemmons)
4. Exploiting foreign labor since 1971. (ST8uned)
3. It's okay if you come in second. (Chris Bird)
2. Just Do It...Unless It Looks Really Scary or Hard, Then Wait an Hour After You Eat And Then Do It, And Always Check With Your Physician Before Beginning This Or Any Other Physical Activity. (kyl)
1. Nike: shouldn't your feet look better than they smell? (Stormcrow)

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