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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Amendments That Didn't Make It into the Bill of Rights

10. The right not to just bare arms, but the rest of your body as well (Kzin, Cap Collector, Yorgo)
9. The right to beat up smelly people (Aaron Voisine)
8. The right to get a date on the fifth try (The Manatee)
7. The right to pick your nose (Fulphilled, G. Peefalt)
6. The right to never be denied access to low cost Slurpees (tm) (BW)
5. The inalienable right to sleep in (John Schafer)
4. The right to cheat at solitaire (The Manatee)
3. The right to laugh so hard milk comes out your nose (G. Peefalt)
2. The right not to answer the question "Do I look fat?" (Martha Svenyerd)
1. The Right to Arm Bears (smokey, Cory Pebbles, Kent, Son of Spam, G. Peefalt, Spunky, Bob Clemmons, The Meister)

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