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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Santa Uses the Chimney

10. Big toy-making grant from the Chimney Sweep Union (Greg)
9. To prove to his wife that he's still not really fat (walawalawala)
8. Carrying keys to all the houses of the world would weigh down sled too much (M&M)
7. Not enough seniority to get a street level parking spot yet (jrb)
6. No vicious dogs on roof top (Amanda)
5. Last year he got caught under an automatic garage door opener (Vasitor)
4. Reindeer have fleas and it's a good way to scratch. (Greg)
3. Too many people complained abour Reindeer droppings near their front door (Joe Fustolo, Impulse Shopper)
2. Easier than breaking in basement window like the Easter Bunny (JJA)
1. Embarassed to be seen in silly red suit the wife insists he wears (voodoo)

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