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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Never Heard at a Bar

10. My pocket protector is bigger than yours is (Trece Allens)
9. Will that be for here or to go? (Toby Delrahim)
8. I've never seen such a clean men's room (Cap Collector)
7. I'll have the fish (Steve Weiss)
6. Bartender, send me another milk (John Voss, Cap Collector, WestCoast-Exemption, ImagineMe, Kevin Loomis)
5. Welcome to Karoke Hymn Night (Bob Clemmons,
4. How about that quantum physics? (ansci)
3. Hey, what say we watch Nova instead of Baywatch this week? (Pamela and Yasmine, Kent)
2. Hey Baby,... What's your URL? (Dark Horse)
1. My wife understands me, and is an incredible goddess (Bob Clemmons)

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