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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are Drinking Too Much Coffee

(submitted by C. A. Armstrong-Moore)

10. Your start stealing Coffee from work (Jay A. Pickett)
9. You declare bankruptcy because of inability to settle your tab with Juan Valdez (Andy S.)
8. You begin to think that De-Caf means without milk. (Cindy Miller)
7. Starbucks names a coffee after your first born (Right Wing)
6. Anxiety over the size of your mug (Andy S.)
5. Your blood type is almond espresso. (David Bunton)
4. You can no longer blink. (Sandy, Gregory James, Son of Spam)
3. Can't wait for the new "injectable" Folgers to hit store shelves. (kyl)
2. You can thread your sewing machine while it's running (Mike Rogers)
1. You alone account for 10% of the GNP of Columbia. (Cap Collector)

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