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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Pet is Suicidal

(submitted by Gizmo)

10. Your pet goldfish starts jumping out of his bowl and and refuses to be put back in. (benster)
9. You leave your dog in the car with the windows rolled down and when you return, they're rolled up and the car is running. (Coolguy RM)
8. He seems to be a little "melon collie." (R.K. McAllister)
7. He keeps running through the doggie door when you don't have one. (Chris Caniano)
6. You suddenly hear your parrot call out "Here kitty kitty, here kitty." (bam)
5. Your cat intentionally tries to NOT land on it's feet. (Coolguy RM, David R.)
4. Your hampster continuously throws himself under it's wheel. (Coolguy RM)
3. Spot flushes while drinking out of the toilet in hopes of drowning. (itch, Sandy I., Wingnuts, koala)
2. Instead of reading "return to owner", the tag on its collar reads "please shoot me." (Tribble)
1. When your bird starts chanting "Polly want a Prozac!" (Coolguy RM)

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