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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Complaints of NBA Ball-Boys

10. No one understands the excruciating demands of mopping the lane. (the Manatee)
9. B-ball groupies with cooties. (The Manatee)
8. Away games interfere with video game practice. (The Manatee)
7. Don't get announced with starting lineup. (Ex!)
6. That Jack Nicholson guy in the first row keeps saying "Here's Johnny!" (Bob Clemmons)
5. Don't get paid extra for picking up teeth when J. R. Reid is in town. (Kent)
4. Chronic crick-in-the-neck syndrome (Maurice Kavanagh)
3. The way the towel boys act like they are so much better. (kid)
2. The cheerleaders sit on the opposite side of the court. (Vu)
1. Mom can't appreciate the language skills you're learning in the locker room. (The Manatee)

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