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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Chelsea Clinton's Top Ten Birthday Presents

10. One Free Night In The Lincoln Bedroom (cash value: $250,000.00) (kattwood, Jeff, steve kmet, Jen L., Stee, Travis C., Dante, Jeremy hanson, zuck, wildflower,, Bruce Robb, Wendy H.)
9. Her parents promise to stop calling her dates the First Boyfriend (Elwood)
8. A fake plastic red phone (Elwood)
7. slumber party on the U.S.S. Ticonderoga (rob)
6. 1 million from an anonymous Asian investor (joshmu)
5. Her own personalized powder pink jet: Airforce 2 (Vasitor)
4. A "Get Out of Jail" card from her Mom (, (, Michelle, M&M, renee)
3. A dog named Shoes (Jeff Knox, Britton, Lettuce, j)
2. A Birthday cake which has been X-rayed, tasted by 10 secret service agents, sniffed by 4 bomb and drug dogs, and adorned with nonburning mylar candles. (IOIO to work IGO)
1. Some crappy land in little rock (k-dog, McNuts, Paul M. Croughn, SS/CAB)

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