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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

The Pope's Top Ten Favorite Sayings

10. "If I ever went bungee jumping, I'd be 'Pope On A Rope' !". (Mike Dulaney)
9. "Quick Robin, to the Popemobile!" (Steve Weiss,, nic, Joe Stacy)
8. "My boss can beat up your boss." (
7. "I am and bears do." (Dink Hargrave)
6. "Yes you may kiss the ring, but no tongue." (C.M.)
5. "...and maybe cherubim will fly out my butt." (Haggis)
4. "I'd like to wear my OTHER hat today." (
3. In response to stupid questions..."Am I Catholic?" (Tres Sea, Stickboy, Fireball)
2. "Yeah? Well bless THIS!" (Tres Sea)
1. "Because I'VE got the bigger hat; that's WHY! (kattwood)

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