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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard on Lewis' and Clark's Expedition

10. "He's dead, but at least now we know why this is called Snake River." (Andre Engels)
9. "Hey Clark, did that Geronimo guy say 'Welcome to our land' or was it, 'We give you to the count of 3 to get your white butts out of here?'" (Chris Pittman)
8. "Don't blame me, I told you not to wipe with strange leaves!" (Mattdaddy)
7. "That's more refried beans for dinner." (Moses)
6. "Whaddya mean we're lost again?! You sure ain't no Columbus either!" (Jenny)
5. "So this is where the buffalo roam." (David Sarkozi)
4. "Didn't we pass that giant rock two days ago?" (Jonh Dzik)
3. "How on earth did a McDonald's get here?" (Fluff)
2. "Heads, Lewis and Clark, Tails, Clark and Lewis" (Godot)
1. "The only woman on a transcontinental expedition! WHAT the hell was I thinking!" (Impulse Shopper)

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