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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That Your Internet Romance Isn't Working Out

(submitted by Rei Leaper Nakazawa)

10. The sex just isn't what it use to be. (peanut-butter)
9. You caught your girlfriend sending ;)'s to other men. (Steve Weiss)
8. "We can just be e-friend." (Sad - happy)
7. You find out that "Dominique" has a snail-mail address at the San Antonio Men's Correctional Facility. (Fluff, Jed and Ryan, Steve Broadwell, lefty)
6. (S)He no longer fingers you anymore. (Jeska, Fergie C.)
5. Lately, it seems that whenever you chat you end up typing in ALL CAPS at each other. (Lefty)
4. You talk about marriage and he talks about puke. (Elmo hater)
3. She wants to meet you in a chat room called "Last week's loser" (Bob Clemmons)
2. His/her love-emails don't contain your name, and have multiple addressants. (Andre Engels)
1. After sending her ASCII flowers, she sends you the same ASCII flowers, trampled on. (rob)

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