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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Changes to the Star Wars Trilogy

(submitted by Kyle)

10. Instead of fighting a war, the rebels sign long petitions and complain loudly to their congressmen (elwood)
9. Jabba The Hut is featured with a cane, a top hat, and about 30 pounds of gold chains. (Plain Old Craig)
8. After Luke is told Leia is his sister, he begins to spit violently (Vasitor)
7. Computer animation to replace R2D2 with the Energizer Bunny (Lou)
6. Obi Wan reveals the force is just a Jedi euphemism for gas. (Guth)
5. The Jabba the hut and Yoda mud wrestling scene. (RAW)
4. Luke and C-3P0's contest to see who can whine better. (The Turk)
3. Giant Pepsi logo on new Death Star. (Josh, Stormcrow)
2. Chewbaka with a mohawk. (Massfro)
1. Opening Return of The Jedi with a stormtrooper Chorus Line, complete with leg kicks. (rob, Stormcrow, steve X)

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